Aspen Pumps’  Green XL Wins Cooling Industry Award

Aspen Pumps has won the RAC Cooling Industry award for its Green XL range . Aspen scooped the ‘Air Conditioning Product of the Year – Components and peripherals’ award for 2017.

Green XL is the first sector-specific probiotic cleaning technology on the market. Using microscopic deep cleaning technology,  Green XL provides a long-lasting deep clean beyond the microscopic layer (biofilm), leaving a healthy microflora on the surface (‘good’ microbes to fight against ‘bad bacteria’) and so ensuring a product remains clean in-between service intervals. Plus, unlike conventional disinfectants, bacteria cannot become resistant to it. Green XL removes both the visible and invisible dirt eliminating dust, mould, bacteria and other pollution as well as neutralising bad musty odours caused by fungi and bacteria.

Thanks to the intensive, deep clean provided by  Green XL, the energy efficiency of AC equipment is improved. Keeping equipment clean can provide up to a 30% energy saving, making an effective clean a great bonus that saves companies money. Using Green XL also results in fewer call backs since AC will be clean for longer and so work more efficiently.

22 may, 2015

Winner Golden Service Award Innovation 2015. CSU/GREEN XL

Case: Misting with probiotics

Operations manager William Koppers presented the case of the CSU. He told that mold is a major problem on holiday parks. And that the problem with the chlorine source, making the mold comes back every time. “The solution is spraying with the probiotics from Green XL in a holiday home.” That happens with a machine on a cart that a CSU employee the cottages of Landal visits. “Probiotics is equipped with good bacteria that remove the power source of the fungus. William Koppers even came with figures. “This rate is 0.55 cents per bungalow per change of mind.” The jury found it a special innovation.

The patience of the nominees was put to the test. But finally was there the moment arrived. Jury President Marjolijn Hammond did and told to be happy with the rock-solid nominations. “And we have seen fiery entrepreneurs. That yielded beautiful cases. ” There can be only one winner. And that was in the end CSU/Green XL with the atomization of probiotics. “Practical, applicable and really new,” said Hammond,

They had nothing but praise for the practical solution, the business case and the cooperation between Green XL, CSU and Landal. Finally: “this case was quite convincing.”